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Trading Company
Shenzhen Sincerity Technologies Co., Ltd.
小姐 小姐 钱
Room 507, 5/F Liantai Building, Shennan Road,
Shenzhen, Guangdong
Tel: 86
Key Figures
Years in Business 22
Annual Revenue USD 2 - 5 Million
Employees 11 - 50
Company Profile
Shenzhen Sincerity Technologies Co., Ltd. Established in 1996 。Act as agent and sell the flaky electronic components and parts mainly ,There is the resistors and capacitors of TDK and YAGEO , The Tantalum Capacitor of KEMET and AVX, MP3 power IC of TOREX,
Product(s) we Sell
[854110 ] Diodes, Other than Photosensitive or Light Emitting Diodes
[854150 ] Other Semiconductor Devices
[853340 ] Other Variable Resistors, Including Rheostats and Potentiometers
[853310 ] Fixed Carbon Resistors, Composition or Film Types
[853210 ] Fixed Capacitors, for Use in 50/60hz Circuits, Not Less than 0.5kvar
[853221 ] Fixed Capacitors, Tantalum
[853224 ] Fixed Capacitors, Ceramic Dielectric, Multilayer
[853229 ] Other Fixed Capacitors
[853230 ] Variable or Adjustable (Pre-set) Capacitors
[854130 ] Thyristors, Diacs and Triacs, Other than Photosensitive Devices
Target Export Market(s)
Products and Services
Shenzhen Sincerity Technologies Co., Ltd. provides the following products and services:
贴片二三极管, 钽电容, 高频管, 贴片电阻, 贴片电容, 肖特基
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