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Manufacturer / Producer
Jinan Dexinjia Bio&Tech Co,.Ltd
小姐 雪 王
Jinan City GaoXin District
Jinan, Shandong
Tel: 86 531 82375818
Fax: 86 531 82375893
Key Figures
Years in Business 13
Annual Revenue USD 500,000 - 1 Million
Employees 51 - 100
Company Profile
Jinan Phoesher Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in research, development and production of APIs, and intermediate medicines. The headquarters of the company was established in Jinan. It is a combination of research, industrial operatio
Product Showcase
噻托溴铵Tiotropium Bromide 136310-93-5 二噻吩乙醇酸甲酯Methyl 2,2-dithienyl glycolate 26447-85-8 东莨菪醇Scopine 498-45-3 盐酸东莨菪醇Scopine 
东莨菪碱氢溴酸盐Scopine Hel 114-49-8 2-(2-噻吩基)乙醇酸东莨菪酯 136310-64-0 4-羟甲基哌啶 6457-49-4 4-Piperidinemethanol N-Boc-4-哌啶甲醇123855-51-2
N-Cbz-4-哌啶甲醇 1-CBZ-4-羟甲基哌啶 122860-33-7 哌啶-3-羧酸乙酯 Ethyl Nipecotate 5006-62-2 4-哌啶甲酸乙酯 1126-09-6 哌啶-4-羧酸乙酯 N-Boc-2-哌啶甲酸乙酯
(R)-3-哌啶甲酸乙酯-酒石酸盐 167392-57-6 (S)-3-哌啶甲酸乙酯-酒石酸盐 83602-38-4 Ethyl(R)-nipecotate 25137-01-3 Ethyl(S)-nipecotate 37675-18-6
Product(s) we Sell
[294200 ] Other Organic Compounds
Target Export Market(s)
Products and Services
Jinan Dexinjia Bio&Tech Co,.Ltd provides the following products and services:
噻托溴铵, 东莨菪醇, 二噻吩乙醇酸甲酯, 东莨菪碱氢溴酸盐, 2-(2-噻吩基)乙醇酸东莨菪酯
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