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Manufacturer / Producer
Xinmas Industry Co., Ltd.
Mrs. Rita Ray
No. 2-305, Industrial Plaza, Tianan Hi Tech Ecological Park,
730, Panyu
Guangzhou, Guangdong
Tel: 86 20 39388890 #801
Fax: 86 20 39388891
Key Figures
Years in Business 21
Annual Revenue USD 5 - 10 Million
Employees 101 - 500
Company Profile
Xinmas Industry Co., Ltd. is specialize in producing the machineries for the feed mill as well as oil & fats pretreatment plant. Such as crumbler/cracking mill, hammer mill, screening system, cooler, dryer, etc. Welcome for any specific inquiries.
Product(s) we Sell
[842099 ] Parts of Calendering or Other Rolling Machines
[842091 ] Cylinders for Calendering or Other Rolling Machines
[842010 ] Calendering or Other Rolling Machines, Other than for Metals or Glass
[842820 ] Pneumatic Elevators and Conveyors
[842831 ] Continuous-action Elevators and Conveyors, for Underground Use
[842832 ] Other Continuous-action Elevators and Conveyors, Bucket Type
[842833 ] Other Continuous-action Elevators and Conveyors, Belt Type
[842839 ] Other Continuous-action Elevators and Conveyors, for Goods or Materials
[842890 ] Other Lifting, Handling, Loading or Unloading Machinery
[843610 ] Machinery for Preparing Animal Feeding Stuffs
[843710 ] Machines for Cleaning, Sorting or Grading Seed or Grain
[843780 ] Machinery Used in the Milling Industry or for the Working of Cereals
[843790 ] Parts of Machines for Cleaning, Sorting or Grading Seed or Grain
[843840 ] Brewery Machinery
[843880 ] Machinery for the Industrial Preparation or Manufacture of Other Food
[843830 ] Machinery for Sugar Manufacture
[843820 ] Machinery for the Manufacture of Confectionery, Cocoa or Chocolate
[845521 ] Rolling Mills, Hot or Combination Hot and Cold
[845522 ] Rolling Mills, Cold
[845530 ] Rolls for Metal-rolling Mills
[845590 ] Other Parts of Metal-rolling Mills
[846021 ] Other Grinding Machines, Numerically Controlled
[846029 ] Other Grinding Machines, Accuracy of At Least 0.01mm
[846210 ] Forging or Die-stamping Machines (Including Presses) and Hammers
[847490 ] Parts of Machinery for Sorting, Crushing, Mixing, Moulding or Shaping
[847920 ] Machinery for the Extraction or Preparation of Animal or Vegetable Fat
[847982 ] Mixing, Kneading, Crushing, Grinding, Screening or Stirring Machines
[847990 ] Parts of Other Machines and Mechanical Appliances
[848110 ] Pressure-reducing Valves
[848210 ] Ball Bearings
[848220 ] Tapered Roller Bearings, Including Cone and Tapered Roller Assemblies
[848230 ] Spherical Roller Bearings
[848250 ] Other Cylindrical Roller Bearings
[848280 ] Other Bearings, Including Combined Ball or Roller Bearings
[848291 ] Balls, Needles and Rollers
[848590 ] Other Machinery Parts, Not Containing Electrical Features
Target Export Market(s)
Products and Services
Xinmas Industry Co., Ltd. provides the following products and services:
cracking mill, oil & fats pretreatment, hammer mill, animal feed, grain processing
Notice:  The Company Profile Information above has been provided to us directly from Xinmas Industry Co., Ltd.. If you find discrepancies with any information from this company please contact us immediately.
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