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Wan Kay imports Ltd.
先生 小龙 黄
Yuan Mei Hua Kai Square Block B, 1605
Dongguan, Guangdong, Beijing
Tel: 86 0769 22023410
Fax: 86 0769 22033011
Key Figures
Years in Business 21
Annual Revenue USD 5 - 10 Million
Employees 51 - 100
Company Profile
I specialized in inbound Secretary of import clearance operation, more than eight years of history, the second-hand machinery and machinery, timber, chemical raw materials and mould and die of second-hand, the import customs clearance have an advantage, I
Product(s) we Sell
Target Export Market(s)
Product(s) we Buy
[841111 ] Turbo-jets of a Thrust Not Exceeding 25kn
[841112 ] Turbo-jets of a Thrust Exceeding 25kn
[841121 ] Turbo-propellers of a Power Not Exceeding 1, 100kw
[841122 ] Turbo-propellers of a Power Exceeding 1, 100kw
[841160 ] Cut-outs of a Kind Used in Conjunction With Internal Combustion Engine
[841182 ] Other Gas Turbines of a Power Exceeding 5, 000kw
[841191 ] Parts of Turbo-jets or Turbo-propellers
[841199 ] Parts of Other Gas Turbines
[841181 ] Other Gas Turbines of a Power Not Exceeding 5, 000kw
[845210 ] Sewing Machines of the Household Type
[845221 ] Sewing Machines, Automatic Units
[845229 ] Other Sewing Machines
[845230 ] Sewing Machine Needles
[845240 ] Furniture, Bases and Covers for Sewing Machines and Parts Thereof
[845290 ] Other Parts of Sewing Machines
Target Import Market(s)
Products and Services
Wan Kay imports Ltd. provides the following products and services:
Seaborne imports, Declaration, Commodity inspection, Air
Notice:  The Company Profile Information above has been provided to us directly from Wan Kay imports Ltd.. If you find discrepancies with any information from this company please contact us immediately.
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