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Exporter & Importer
Shanghai International Sourcing Promotion Center
先生 铭 刘

Shanghai, Shanghai
Tel: 86 021 54999745
Fax: 86 021 54993541
Key Figures
Years in Business 16
Annual Revenue Less than USD 100,000
Employees 11 - 50
Company Profile
Shanghai International Sourcing Promotion Center Co., LTD.
Product Showcase

Product(s) we Sell
[860799 ] Other Parts of Railway or Tramway Rolling-stock
[860721 ] Air Brakes and Parts Thereof, of Railway or Tramway Locomotives
[860711 ] Driving Bogies and Bissel-bogies
[860120 ] Rail Locomotives Powered By Electric Accumulators
[392510 ] Reservoirs, Tanks, Vats, Similar Containers of Plastics (Capacity Exceeding 300l)
[392520 ] Doors, Windows and Their Frames and Thresholds, of Plastics
[392530 ] Shutters, Blinds and Similar Articles and Parts Thereof, of Plastics
[392590 ] Other Builders Ware of Plastics
[392410 ] Table Ware and Kitchenware of Plastics
[392490 ] Other Household Articles and Toilet Articles of Plastics
[700311 ] Non-wired Sheets, Coloured Throughout the Mass, Opacified, Colored
[700319 ] Other Non-wired Sheets
[700320 ] Wired Sheets
[700330 ] Profiles
[701200 ] Glass Inners for Vacuum Flasks or for Other Vacuum Vessels
[702000 ] Other Articles of Glass
[701310 ] Glassware of Glass-ceramics
[701321 ] Drinking Glasses of Lead Crystal
[701329 ] Other Drinking Glasses Other than of Glass-ceramics
[701331 ] Glassware of Kind Used for Table or Kitchen Purposes, of Lead Crystal
[701332 ] Glassware of Kind Used for Table or Kitchen Purposes
[701339 ] Other Glassware, for Table or Kitchen Uses, Other than of Glass-ceramic
[701391 ] Glassware for Toilet, Office, Indoor Decoration Uses, of Lead Crystal
[701399 ] Other Glassware for Toilet, Office, Indoor Decoration Uses
Target Export Market(s)
Product(s) we Buy
Target Import Market(s)
East Asia
Products and Services
Shanghai International Sourcing Promotion Center provides the following products and services:
跨国采购, 大会, 国际, 出口展会, 逆向采购
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