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Manufacturer / Producer
Chinese Horseshoe Crab Reagent Manufactory, Co., Ltd.
Mr. Haiping Wu
No.131 (Workshop), Xinjia Road, Xinyang Industrial Zone, Haicang
Xiamen, Fujian
Tel: 86 0592 688 5899
Fax: 86 0592 531 3558
Key Figures
Years in Business 18
Annual Revenue USD 500,000 - 1 Million
Employees 11 - 50
Company Profile
Chinese Horseshoe Crab Reagent Manufactory, CO., Ltd., Xiamen is a pioneer in the field of endotoxin detection by Tachypleus Amebocyte Lysate (TAL) reagents. TAL reagent was extracted from the blue blood of Chinese horseshoe crab, Tachypleus tridentatus, the same reagent produced from the North American horseshoe crab Limulus polyphemus was commonly known as LAL reagent. Both TAL and LAL reagent have the same function for endotoxin (Pyrogen) detection.

The company located in the island city of Xiamen in Southeast China Sea, which you can see horseshoe crabs in the beaches during summer time. The company's founder Wu Weihong started to produces TAL reagent in the late 1970's. In 1983, the company's technology "TAL Reagent Manufacture Process and Quality Control" rewarded the first grade Chinese Health Ministry Innovation Award. The company became the first manufacturer licensed by China Food and Drug Administration to manufacture TAL for use as an endotoxin quality control test in the pharmaceutical and medical device markets.

For the past twenty years, different test methods such as Gel Clot TAL assay, Endotoxin-specific TAL assay, Chromogenic Endpoint TAL assay, Kinetic Turbidimetric TAL assay and Kinetic Chromogenic TAL assay were developed in the company to suit the requirements of different customers. And the company also provides various endotoxin detection accessory products...
Product Showcase
Chromogenic TAL(LAL) Endpoint Assay Kit
Gel Clot TAL (LAL)
Endotoxin-specific TAL(LAL)

Product(s) we Sell
[382200 ] Composite Diagnostic or Laboratory Reagents
Target Export Market(s)
Products and Services
Chinese Horseshoe Crab Reagent Manufactory, Co., Ltd. provides the following products and services:
Endotoxin, LAL, Pyrogen, TAL, Gel Clot
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