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Manufacturer / Producer
Yantai Jingang Aquatic Products Co., Ltd
女士 娜 郭
Dajijia Street Office
Yantai, Fujian
Tel: 0535 6976577
Fax: 0535 6976788
Key Figures
Years in Business 16
Annual Revenue USD 10 - 50 Million
Employees 101 - 500
Company Profile
As a joint venture, we were formed and invested by Jinchuang (Hong Kong) co., ltd with Yantai Jintong materials trading co., ltd in a total investment value of 5 million US dollars.
Product(s) we Sell
[030510 ] Edible Meal of Fish
[030520 ] Livers of Fish and Roes (Dried, Smoked, Salted or in Brine)
[030530 ] Fish Fillets (Dried, Salted or in Brine)
[030541 ] Pacific Salmon, Atlantic Salmon, Danube Salmon (Smoked)
[030542 ] Smoked Herrings
[030549 ] Other Smoked Fish (Including Fish Fillets)
[030551 ] Dried Cod (Not Smoked)
[030559 ] Other Dried Fish (Not Smoked)
[030561 ] Herrings (Salted or in Brine)
[030562 ] Cod (Salted or in Brine)
[030563 ] Anchovies (Salted or in Brine)
[030569 ] Other Fish (Salted or in Brine)
Target Export Market(s)
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