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Manufacturer / Producer
Jinwei Beverage & Food Co., Ltd.
小姐 金山 刘
198 Zhong Shan Xi Road, Shi Long
Dongguan, Guangdong
Tel: 0769 6611599
Fax: 0769 6611348
Key Figures
Years in Business 28
Annual Revenue USD 50 - 100 Million
Employees 501 - 1000
Company Profile
Established in 1990, Jinwei Beverage and Food Co., Ltd has been applying himself to the development and production of fermented lactobacillus milk drink. Our company has been awarded as "reputed brand" and "inspection free" product in China.
Product(s) we Sell
[220110 ] Mineral Waters, Aerated Waters (Not Containing Added Sugar or Flavor)
[220190 ] Other Waters, Ice, Snow
[220210 ] Waters (Containing Added Sugar or Flavor)
[220290 ] Other Non-alcoholic Beverages (Other than Fruit or Vegetable Juices)
[220300 ] Beer Made from Malt
[220410 ] Sparkling Wine
[220421 ] Other Wine, Grape Must (Fermentation Arrested; in Containers 2l or Less)
[220429 ] Other Wine, Grape Must (Fermentation Arrested; Not in Containers 2l or Less)
[220430 ] Grape Must (Excluding Fermentation Prevented By the Addition of Alcohol)
[220510 ] Vermouth, Other Similar Wine (Flavoured; in Containers 2l or Less)
[220590 ] Other Vermouth, Other Similar Wine (Flavoured)
[220600 ] Fermented Beverages (Cider, Perry, Mead etc.)
Target Export Market(s)
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