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Manufacturer / Producer
Medicinestars Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
先生 先生 洪
912 Tong Heng Building, 8 Lv Ling Road , Hu Li District, Amoy
Xiamen, Fujian
Tel: 0592 5556906
Fax: 0592 5556906
Key Figures
Years in Business 18
Annual Revenue USD 5 - 10 Million
Employees 51 - 100
Company Profile
The company lies in Xiamen which at the southeast coast of China , Taiwan Straits' Westbank, usually has the laudatoryname of"the marine garden", "the marine pearl".
Product(s) we Sell
[300110 ] Glands and Other Organs (Dried)
[300120 ] Extracts of Glands or Other Organs or of Their Secretions
[300190 ] Heparin, Its Salt, Other Animal Substances Prepared for Therapeutic Uses
[300290 ] Human Blood, Animal Blood, Toxins, Microbial Culture, Similar Products
[300239 ] Other Vaccines for Veterinary Medicine
[300231 ] Vaccines Against Foot and Mouth Disease
[300220 ] Vaccines for Human Medicine
[300210 ] Antisera and Other Blood Fractions
[300310 ] Medicaments Containing Penicillines or Streptomycins or Their Derivatives
[300320 ] Medicaments Containing Other Antibiotics
[300331 ] Medicaments Containing Insulin
[300339 ] Medicaments Containing Other Hormones
[300340 ] Medicaments Containing Alkaloids or Derivatives Thereof
[300390 ] Other Medicaments
[300410 ] Medicaments Containing Penicillines or Streptonycins (Put up in Packings)
[300420 ] Medicaments Containing Other Antibiotics (Put up in Packings for Retail Sale
[300431 ] Medicaments Containing Insulin (Put up in Packings for Retail Sale)
[300432 ] Medicaments Containing Adrenal Cortex Hormones (Put up in Packings)
[300439 ] Medicaments Containing Other Hormones (Put up in Packings for Retail Sale)
[300440 ] Medicaments Containing Alkaloids or Derivatives Thereof (Put up in Packings)
[300450 ] Medicaments Containing Vitamins or Other Products (Put up in Packings)
[300490 ] Other Medicaments (Put up in Packings for Retail Sale)
[300510 ] Adhesive Dressings and Other Articles Having an Adhesive Layer
[300590 ] Wadding, Gauze, Bandages, Prepared Dressings, Poultices, Similar Articles
[300610 ] Sterile Surgical Suture Materials, Sterile Laminaria, Haemostatics
[300620 ] Blood-grouping Reagents
[300630 ] Opacifying Preparations for X-ray Examinations, Diagnostic Reagents
[300650 ] First-aid Boxes and Kits
[300660 ] Chemical Contraceptive Preparations
[300640 ] Dental Cements, Other Dental Fillings, Bone Reconstruction Cements
Target Export Market(s)
Products and Services
Medicinestars Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd provides the following products and services:
医药, 药品
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